Magcrème F1

Magcrème F1

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14 Photo Regular seeds



Magnum Opus x Creme Rose


Magnum Opus #187 M1 Male 

 The Royal Kush 7 was released circa 2008-2009 from Mandelbrot - the seeds were then selected and bred until we made our own Royal 10 from the original Royal 7th Gen seed packs. Our 10th gen male selection was then backcrossed onto the original F1 Clone-Only ‘07 Royal Kush aka “Royal Purple Diesel” before it was every released in seed as Royal Kush 7


Crème Rose ( Creme1 Keeper)

Ghost OG x Rose Especial x Crème Brulee

Creme1 Keeper from Creme Rose Aficianado selected from 30 seeds yeilds mid range but smells like tropical fruit, candy and berries. Looks just as tropical the nose is so incredible!!


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